stephan hagensStephan Hagens is globally renowned for his expertise in developing creative design solutions for exceptional living and working environments.

Having grown up in France and Canada, his sense of design stems from the classical sensibilities of French architecture along with North America’s modern culture.

Extensive experience and knowledge in commercial and residential design as well as construction and millwork fabrication have enabled Stephan to create innovative and holistic designs that meet the highest level of client satisfaction.

Commercial Design:
Commercial spaces that have exquisite and unique designs can be a great source of inspiration to everyone involved. An appealing and efficient work environment not only promotes employee productivity but also generates lucrative business.

Stephan has worked internationally with numerous clients, such as:
Polo Ralph Lauren, Levi’s, Shoppers Drug Mart, Faces Cosmetics, Loblaws, Best Buy, FutureShop.

Residential Design & Build:
Residential spaces are a reflection of your vision, personality, and lifestyle. Therefore, meticulous attention is paid to creating a design that develops into the customer’s dream home.

Typical houses are built in an economical manner to save money for the builder. These houses are almost identical to millions of others in the country and require unacceptably high maintenance costs due to their poor design and structure.

Stephan is committed to designing and building outstanding modern contemporary concepts to meet the highest standards; from the overall building all the way to the furniture.

Having designed over a hundred million dollars of property and assets, Stephan Hagens is recognized globally for pushing the frontier of design, functionality and quality. He tailors his designs specifically for each client, creating visual allure for each project and engineering functionality within.


How I Work
As a designer and developer, my job is to create a fantastic environment for you to live your life in.

Whether it is enjoying family life, sleeping, working entertaining, my job is to create that environment and from every point of view (inside, outside, the way things work).

What do I do?
I design living environments. When I say a living environment, I mean where people live their lives whether it is a house, an office, a store, an outdoor space.

My profession is to understand how people use a space, how they feel in a particular space, and then create a space that they want to be part of and enjoy.

Design as two major components, the artistic side and the engineering side.

An artist creates a beautiful object, and engineers create objects that do a jobs.

A designer creates a space or an object that not only looks good but also performs a task efficiently. The famous architect Le Corbusier, once said that a house is a machine for living.

There are a lot of critical components to designing a house or a working space.

The look from the outside is one. The look has to relate to the surrounding space,

The first critical aspect is that the space needs to relate to its environment. Putting five hundred boxes that look the same, side by side on a flattened piece of land is good for builders to make money and build at a low cost but not ideal for making a great environment.

It is important to understand how to place your property and how to use the surroundings to create that lifestyle. The sun, the wind, the landscape can be used to your advantage, not only from the “beauty” standpoint but also to live a healthier life.

From one side, the sun gives us heat and electric energy and from a human side gives us vitamin D and improves our psychological outlook. In countries with cold winters, after a few months of being cuddled up inside, it is well known that depression affects many people.  The sun is a healer.

The Wind, is also an important asset that we need to understand. When it is hot, we use wind to cool, when it is cold, we have to shield ourselves from it. We can also use the wind to generate electricity.

Another part of locating your space is what surrounds you. If you have beautiful views, you want to make sure that these views are framed properly to be enjoyed. If your views aren’t ideal, then we need to create visual interests within your property and create privacy from the outside yet still bring in as much natural light as possible.

Focusing now on the inside space. My business for the past 15 years as included a lot of interior design. When I say interior design, I don’t just mean making things look pretty with colors and furniture. When creating a space, the designer has to imagine themselves as the people walking and living in that space. A child, an adult, an elderly person, a handicapped person, a man, a woman, a person walking in for the first time.

From the time you enter the space, what are the things you see. How would a person feel in that space? Does the space work? Does the space do the job it is intended for?