Retail Design

Retail Design

Design is the synergy of visual appeal (aesthetics) and functionality. The achievement of a successful design enterprise is dependent on the balanced combination of the two.

The twofaces 2most important skills a designer has to possess, in order to achieve a successful design, is in the   understanding of the functionality of the space and in understanding of who will be using the space.  This knowledge is applicable to all projects in all forms of design – commercial, residential, or an object.

Understanding functionality is critical when designing for any aspect of a business, especially in regards to workflow requirements (as in who is going to be using the space – customer, client, or employee, or combination of any of the three) and the operational objectives of the business. By effectively engineering the space with these points in mind will be the difference between achieving large profits instead of large losses.

In a retail space, it is desirable and achievable to direct a customer throughout the store without their realization with the use of different sensory cues. The primary objective in designing this type of space is to guide the customer throughout the retail space and to attract them to certain areas long enough for them to develop a connection with the product or service being offered.6

When designing an effective restaurant space the desired objective is to create an environment that is conducive to the customer in ordering the food and drinks offered. Again, it is designer’s obligation to create this space with the business operational objectives in mind. For example, is the business objective high volume where the customer is encouraged to order and leave within an expedited time period or is the objective where the client is encouraged to extend their time in the establishment.

It is also equally important when designing any space to remember the employees or the persons who will be in the space for long periods of time. Their comfort in the space will not only impact his or her work efficiency it will also transfer to the overall experience of your clients.

It is important to remember that your designer is a critical component to any successful business.