Residential Design

Residential Design

Residential spaces are a reflection of your vision, personality and lifestyle. Therefore meticulous attention has to be paid to creating a design that develops into your dream home.

There are a lot of critical components to designing and building a house.

The first critical aspect is that the space needs to relate to its environment. Putting five hundred boxes that look the same, side by side on a flattened piece of land is good for builders to make money and build at a low cost but not ideal for making a great environment.

It is important to understand how to place your property and how to use the surroundings to create that lifestyle. The sun, the wind, the landscape can be used to your advantage, not only from the “beauty” standpoint but also to live a healthier life.

Powder Room-signedThe interior is possibly even more important as it is the space where you spend most of your time. Our interior design philosophy is not only focused on looks but creating an environment that is functional for all the residents.

Our construction team is comprised of very experienced contractors who understand that our clients expect very high quality. We do not cut corners, we build for you as if we were building for our family.